CPC Advertising – 9 Fundamental Rules To Follow

For digital marketers, cost per click advertising is not the driving force it once was. In fact, the saturation of the marketing of cpc marketing (ironically) has taken it to a level where it has become redundant in some industries due to the competitive nature being so vast.

It ultimately can mean the return on investment just isn’t worth it. However, there is always a balance to be found. Alternative routes which are more affordable to bring new business in at a rate which continues to maintain a sensible cost per acquisition.

But if you are not acting appropriately and with correct knowledge, attempts at CPC marketing can feel like burning a lot of money. So you will want to consider the fundamental rules we have collated to ensure you can maximise the potential of the budget you have.

1. Do Extensive Research

In order to do better CPC advertising, you need extensive research. You plan things ahead. Like when you have to start advertising, do research at least a month before. Cover all the important aspects and features of CPC advertisement. You will become better in your advertisement.

2. Choose the Best Keywords

Keywords play a very important role when it comes to CPC ads. Keyword research takes time and even more important is the selection of the keywords. What type of keywords you choose will determine the success or failure? Be always good with keyword selection, get help from the pro users and make it more substantial.

3. Don’t Focus Just on Conversions

It is recommended that when you start CPC ads, the focus should not be just to increase the conversion, get more customers, sell more products and make more revenues. But you should think more than this. You have to evaluate and see how these CPC ads are generating the actual results and increasing sales of your company.

4. Dig into Historical Data

It is said that if you want to make great ads, you should check the past data. For a B2B business, it is inevitable that all past studies, reports, relevant research papers should be checked to find out the process, effects and outcomes of CPC ads. You will learn many meaningful lessons and can avoid serious mistakes that people make.

5. Create Precise Ad Group

This is an important role which experts and CPC advertisers have shared with the new users. According to this point, the B2B need to take more care as do the clients while buying products as compared to B2C. You should create groups within ads with similar themes to assess the performance and judge costs.

6. Remarketing and Retargeting

If your idea or CPC ads are working, that means you have done them right and made no mistakes. It also shows you don’t need to create new ads but you must remarket the working ones. Retarget the new or current customers with more products or services. Continue to improve your landing pages.

7. YouTube Video Ads

Videos are considered very effective when it comes to paid marketing. People have to watch the ads and they cannot skip these ads. If a picture is worth thousands, just imagine how valuable a video will be. We hope you make the best use of YouTube videos and include your ads into them.

8. Measure Performance

Over time, performance should be evaluated. This is true for everything. In CPC ads, you should compare the costs with earnings, time with the output, find how it has impacted your B2B business and how helpful it has been for improving sales of the business.

9. Focus on Landing Pages

Without great and effective landing pages, it is hard to improve the lead generation and conversion rates through CPC ads directly – there is always a glass ceiling in industries if the search volume is not here, it is not there.

The whole efforts rely on how good your landing page is. It should be very effective, communicative, attracts the users and convinces them for taking actions. You can identify the businesses visiting your landing pages with tracking software for B2B Lead generation.

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