What Happens to your CV after It Is Sent?

This is a question that job applicants sometimes ask themselves when they receive no response from a recruiter after sending their CV and cover letter. Today, we are going to show you the possible scenarios. Hopefully, it will help you improve the quality of your curriculum vitae when you apply for a job in the future.

Is your CV Lost in the Recruiter’s Mailbox?

According to a study, only 39% of applications are read. It will not be a surprise either for many applicants. In the absence of a response, there is a good chance that your curriculum vitae has simply been forgotten in the recruiter’s mailbox. It can be demotivating but it is still better to know it. Thus, you can do the right thing to avoid this problem. First of all, it is important to submit an attractive CV to catch the recruiter’s eye. For this purpose, make a cv now by using the perfect template on a specialized website. If possible, also send your application by post to increase your chance to get the job.

Some CV are quickly Thrown Away

Many resumes that remain unanswered were opened though. Several recruiters affirm that most applications they receive often go to the trash. Most of the time, young graduates have to send more than 50 CVs before landing a job. What has become of these dozens of unanswered applications? If a CV does not please at first glance, that is to say in a few seconds, or if it is of high quality but does not match the profile required, it goes straight to the trash. This means that it is critical to choose the best CV layout, put some care in the content and print the document on good quality paper. Use an online CV creator to build an attractive resume.

Some CV Go to the Employer’s CV-Bank

If a poorly structured or irrelevant CV ends up in the trash, it is rare that a good profile with regularly sought skills falls into oblivion. You will just have to think about the keywords because it will often end up classified in a CV-bank. Then, it is often algorithms that will scan the database. That is why the keywords are this important. However, certain terms can apparently make it easier to find an application in search engines. Anyway, it remains important to send an effective CV both my email and by post.