Insulating Pipes- Common FAQs

There are many questions homeowners ask about pipe insulation. After all, insulating your pipes is a somewhat a pricey process, and therefore, you must ensure that you know all the relevant information. Here are some common questions we get at about pipe insulation.

What do the dimensions quoted for pipe insulation mean?

When describing pipes’ insulation, you will always see three measurements quoted: wall thickness, bore size, and length. Wall thickness represents the actual insulation that you have. For instance, if you have 10mm wall pipe insulation that simply means that you have 10mm of insulation on either side of the pipe. You must pay particular attention to this thickness. If it is too thin, you may not get the results you want, but too thick might also not allow proper fitting between the pipes and the wall.

Bore size is the hole through which the insulated pipe goes. It is measured from side to side across the pipeline, which means it is the diameter. Most common bore sizes are designed to fit copper or iron pipe sizes. When determining the correct bore size, you must allow an extra two inches to the measurement of the ducts.

What is the best pipe insulation?

A well-insulated and energy-efficient home will save you lots of money and time. But, with the wrong type of duct insulation, you could end up spending more money and wasting energy. That is why you must select the best pipe and duct padding system in the market. Insulation types include:

• Grey foam – which is the most affordable one and is best for use in domestic pipework and plumbing.

• Class o nitrile foam rubber insulation- it is the flexible type that offers excellent protection against condensation and efficiently prevents energy loss. It is very versatile and can be used for domestic plumbing as well as air conditioning.

• Phenolic foam – it is by far the most energy-efficient which is available for any thickness. Mostly, it is used for heating, air conditioning and ventilation, among other things in industrial applications.

Can I install a power pipe horizontally?

The most efficient method for installing the power pipe is vertically. But, in cases where too much hot water is used without a vertical rain stack, then it is best that you install the power pipe horizontally. However, you should know that the efficiency decreases by about half when the unit is placed horizontally. Therefore, if you want to do this configuration, it is best you consider a longer unit.

Is it a must that I insulate the power pipe?

Most of the time, you will not need to insulate the power pipelines unless sweating is a concern. When your system is placed behind a drywall, it can accumulate sweating which in the long run can damage the pipes. Insulation can thus help minimize sweating, especially in very humid locations where it occurs excessively.

How should I insulate pipes for winter?

It is best that you use foam padding sleeves or special form of insulating tape to protect your pipes against freezing. If you have any pipes that are exposed, ensure that you keep them warm with space heaters from a safe distance. We also advise that you keep checking pipes in areas that are not used often and basements, to ensure that ice or frost is not accumulating, and cracks are not developing.

How to Use Emu Oil for Allergies?

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For what reason does emu oil work so well?

All things considered, its mystery is that it contains characteristic unsaturated fats that are significant for essentialness, development, and cell recovery. It’s the unsaturated fat, Omega 3 that brings down cholesterol and diminish any irritation of the tissues on your skin. This means the items have experienced exceptionally stringent testing and is handled and packaged at premises that are authorized. Moreover, there are a lot of items that have included scents. This is on the grounds that the item they are attempting to sell is likely old and the aroma has been utilized to conceal the smell (new items has no fragrance).

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