There is a reason why seed investors bet on teams rather than their tech while only Warren Buffet can afford to wait for the market to mature before betting.

The point is newspaper headlines and all the sensational vibes that come with it rarely rise above what actually is.

Real Madrid have Eden Hazard, Isco, Vinicius Junior and Benzema in their ranks yet they don’t even look like an outfit good enough to participate in La Liga.

Like Hazard, Los Blancos spent a long time chasing Vinicius Junior, yet if this season has proven anything is that no amount of well edited YouTube clips will be enough to tell you if a player should be bought or not.

Talent is never enough.

Like a seed investor, you have to dig deep into other layers that makes up a man before deciding whether you will bet your money or not. Only Warren Buffet can afford to do otherwise. Because either way, he is not going to lose.

With a transfer fee of $50 million, Vinicius remains one if not the most expensive teenager in history but if he continues his performance of all runs and no end products, he will be back to Flamengo, sooner than later and no, it won’t be for retirement reasons.

At least, he can go back to being a village champion whose power and talent was obviously above the average of what you will normally see in the Brazilian league but as few months in Madrid has shown, is nowhere near what is required to conquer Europe.

If at the end, it doesn’t work out, at least Real Madrid will be wiser the next time a scout or broker wants to suck them into buying some local champion all because someone on YouTube had very good editing skills.