Why chemical wash is good?

Regular aircon servicing is vital for ensuring the longevity of your air conditioner. Things can get troublesome if you ignore proper maintenance of your system such as incur costly expenses later and you might have to deal with bad quality air. Sometimes, even with regular aircon servicing, dirt and other problematic particles remain inside the system which can hinder the system from properly working. That is where aircon chemical washing comes into play. Chemical washing is a method in air conditioning services where the internal parts of an air conditioner are soaked and cleaned with a chemical solution, which thoroughly cleans all the corrosion, acid, and dirt stuck to the parts. If you have an air conditioner that needs to be serviced thoroughly, you can contact Ninja Cool who is good at aircon chemical wash.

Sometimes, the improper working of your air conditioner can also be because of a larger problem such as your electrical circuits. Hire a licensed electrician to inspect your wirings at WI Electrical as they are good at lew Singapore.

The process of chemical wash is simple. The aircon service worker will disassemble the air conditioner and its internal components. Then the worker will soak these parts in a chemical solution and will clean thoroughly with it. After doing all of this, the worker will reassemble your air conditioner unit. By having a chemical wash you will have the following advantages.

Better air quality

By doing a chemical wash of your aircon parts it will ensure that you receive better air quality. The chemical solution will clean out the dirt and other corrosive elements inside the parts and will make way for its unhindered working. It will also disinfect it by killing off all the bacteria and other microbes. The solution will also be used to clean the drainages to ensure a 360 degree of cleanup.

Enhanced performance

Proper cleaning of an air conditioner will boost its performance. The performance which was prior hindered by dirt and other corrosive elements will now be gotten rid of to ensure enhanced performance.


The chemical wash will also ensure that your air conditioner lives for a longer period as it will thoroughly clean the parts and eliminate all the problematic elements from it. Thus, ensuring the longevity of your air conditioner.

There are many more benefits of doing a chemical wash of an air conditioner, however, the above-mentioned advantages are some of the most common and sought out benefits.